[OUR FIRST GAME] Run'n'Bribe


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We're new to this site, so first we just want to say "HI" 
We're just two regular guys with normal jobs who wants to make games in free time.
Our first game is Run'n'Bribe. It is a runner with some new ideas. Your character is running through lots of levels (every one of them is different). Also your hero is leveling up.
We have designed different monsters and traps for every level. You'll have to discover theirs attacks and behaviors to survive.
In shop you can spend collected coins and buy items.
There is a big suprise waiting for you in the end!  I won't spoil it to you

We choose pixel art for our graphics. There aren't many runners with oldschool visuals


Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...unNBribe&hl=pl

We hope that you'll enjoy our first game
If you have some suggestions reach us at: contact.starline@gmail.com or just write a comment here.
Also you can visit our facebook: www.facebook.com/starlinegames
We need every help from you we can get!