Atlases - loading screen


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So I searched the forums quite a bit and finally stumbled on an apparent solution. I've followed the steps exactly, up until the last part. I cannot find a "load initially" cause things are changed in 3.2 I guess, so I just disabled atlas binding for all scenes and loaded atlas 2 in the preloader as specified. The game still loads with a black screen and only a brief display of the loading screen after that.

Can anyone provide an updated guide for loading screens in 3.2? Thanks!

This are the steps that I followed:

"1. Create two scenes. Name FIRST scene "preloader", SECOND "loading screen".
2. Add a Loading... image(actor) to the same position to both of these scenes.(this image must be in MAIN atlas of course)
3. Add  "Load atlas with id:1" to "when created" event to the preloader screen.
4. Add "Switch loading screen and Crossfade for 0 sec" to "always" event in the preloader screen.
5. At Loading sreen in ALWAYS event add "IF atlas with ID:1 is loaded Switch logo and Crossfade for 0.5 sec"
6. Of course set preloader (so the FIRST) scene to "Mark as starting scene".

I assume you put everything in the Atlas 2 (ID:1).
Oh, and I forgot, uncheck "Load initially" at SETTINGS/Atlases at Atlas 2 (only the Main Atlas load initially)."