Problem with the nme.Lib.exit () ; code [Solved]


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Hello friend Stencylers!
I used the above code with the overide back button so that i could exit the game properly from the main menu.
The problem is that when someone tries to access the game from the recent apps section of the android the game is shown as a black window instead of showing the last scene (the main menu in this instance).
Any thoughts of what i can do ?
I attach the sceenshots to the code as well of the black screen in the recent apps so that you can understand better what i am talking about.
Many thanks beforehand!

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Try nme.system.System.exit(1); and maybe that will work better.


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You were right!
That did work better! Actually it works like a charm!!!
I will post some screenshots of the code so that others with the same problem will be helped  ;D

Thank you very much your suggestion was on the mark!

Edit: System.exit(1);    (for the screenshot)

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