Warning: Behavior does not exist ....(erm, yes it does!!) [solved]


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So in my game I'm using Follow Target behaviour from Stencyl to get the Enemy Actor to chase my main character.  This behaviour is attached to my Knights.

I'm then retrieving the direction attribute of 'The Target' from the follow target behaviour to set the velocity and direction of which way the knights throw their hammers.

In the game this is working fine, but in the debug screen I'm getting this warning up:

 Level:     INFO
When:      2015-01-03 11:45:00
From:      stencyl.sw.app.filewatcher.ExternalAppLauncher

[Flash] com.stencyl.behavior.BehaviorManager#getAttribute(128): Warning: Behavior does not exist - Follow Target

Any ideas?

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Could you show the Follow Target behaviour. Are you sure it is enabled and attached to the same actor as this behaviour?


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So it's not enabled for every Enemy Knight on screen, only one, as I have the others set to other paths, wander for instance.

That'll be why it appears as working, as for the knight that's actually assigned to 'follow target' that attribute exists, but for the other 2 enemy knights on screen that are assigned to other motion behaviours it doesn't exist... could that be right?

So in that case I need to somehow share the Direction attribute from the knight it does exist for with the other 2 knights who are on a different behaviour (as I want all of the to throw hammers in the direction of the main character regardless of what their motion is...)

Any ideas on how to do that?

Thanks again mate