Action works when tested in Stencyl but not compiled SWF.


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I have set up enemy deaths to play as an animation labeled "DEATH" in each actor's animation set.
An event in each actor tells it that when SELF collides with actor BULLET to switch to animation death play for .5 seconds and then kill SELF.

This is cloned behavior with many enemies in the game. All enemies receive the same naming conventions for animations and events. All of the enemies with this event behave correctly when I TEST GAME or TEST STAGE inside of Stencyl, however when I play a compiled SWF of the game one particular enemy does not switch to the death animation, The enemy DOES kill self after .5 seconds.. but the animation does not play. I have checked everything over and everything is set up correctly, but it doesn't matter because it works inside stencyl.. just not in a SWF and always just the one specific enemy.


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Is there anything particularly special about that specific actor that you can tell us? Are the names capitalised correctly? Its interesting it fails in the compiled swf but works inside Stencyl.


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How is the bullet being killed?  Have the actor kill the bullet instead of bullet killing itself and see if that helps.


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lilpoboy: I'll try that..

letmethink: I'll look over the capitalization..