Stencyl and Steamworks


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Before I start, I must say that I've checked all old threads and questions about steamworks and in any of that I didn't find answer I was looking for...
So, couple people and me are developing platformer/shooter game, with a complex story and campaign mode, and after it's finished we're planing to put it on Steam Greenlight... So, my question here is, is there any way to integrate Steamworks with stencyl?
Stencyl is really great software and it really suits our needs, also Steamworks is popular and nice feature to have in game. So it would be great to have Steamworks API in Stencyl.
Thanks in advance.


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I'd guess the main reason it doesn't exist is just due to the rarity of such content. However, I've heard it isn't too difficult to implement manually.


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Thanks for answers guys... I read whole Ghost Song topic and I didn't find anything.. Any links/references how to implement Steamworks manually?


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I don't think any games have done it yet.  So basically, you can't (I'm sure it's possible but requires enough coding knowledge to do it).


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This would be our starting point for Steam support.


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Apologies for resurrecting a dead thread...

I tried the link that Jon provided and found an updated one.

In my root stencyl directory/plaf/haxe/extensions I made a folder called steamwrap. I moved around the various files that grapefrukt/dukope recommended. One issue I found was running the build came back with an error saying that haxelib command in line 11 did not exist. Everything else seemed to go through. I tried moving haxelib to different directories and always had the same error. Below is the build code.

Code: [Select]

# removes old builds, just to be safe
rm -rf obj

# build native ndll
cd Desktop/Stencylversion/Stencyl-8854/plaf/haxe/extensions/steamwrap/native

echo Building for 32 bits
# compile for 32 bit, the flag is only really needed to differentiate from a 64 bit build
haxelib run hxlibc Build.xml -D32

# if we're on linux, do a 64 bit build too
if [[ ''$OSTYPE'' == ''linux-gnu'' ]]; then
echo Building for 64 bits
haxelib run hxlibc Build.xml -DHXCPP_M64

#exit 0

# build test exe
# cd ..
# cd Desktop/Stencylversion/Stencyl-8854/plaf/haxe/extensions/steamwrap/steamwrap
# haxe -cp .. Test.hx -main Test -cpp ../temp/hx/

I also entered into my project.xml file in games-generated. I added the values indicated. I just tried building the game. I did not receive any errors. However I am unsure of what the next step should be for testing this.