Admob "Show Mobile Ad" block - 60:00 Sec to Display; Is This the Normal Time?


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 Build 8140 on Linux; running a test game on an Android device using official built in "Show Mobile Ad" block in a game to show Admob ads. The block is used in the "On Create" method for the first scene's behaviour. Testing the game on a real device, I timed that it takes the ad ~60:00 seconds to initialize/load and finally display. I have other mobile games that were not made in Stencyl that show their Admob ads almost instantly when run.

After searching the forums, I couldn't find an "average" time for this. I was wondering if this was normal behaviour, and if anyone would like to share how long it takes for their own ads to load. If there's a method to  optimize load speeds, feel free to share*.  ;D

*My case is that the game play is a casual win/lose mechanic, with a single play through sometimes being a few seconds (think something you might whip out to play while waiting in line at a bank). I would just like to know if it was possible for advertisements to show up faster to reflect this case.

Edit: With the latest version of the unofficial Admob Addon, the banner ads take ~3 seconds to load. Would highly recommend using it over the stock admob features of Stencyl.

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i dont know if you have done this but before showing an ad you have to load it. so lets say you have 3 scenes. in the first one you initialize admob with publisher id. in the second one you load your ad. in the third one you show your ad.