Dodge Race 2


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Hello there.

I've build my own game, it's about a flash game, later i will publish it for an android/iso devices. The game is an arcade, it's very hard, it's like a Flappy Bird, when it comes to difficulty. But when it comes to the look, it's totally different game than Flappy Bird. It's about racing arcade game.

The aim is to dodge cars from opposite side and get as much as possible points. This game is inspired by old tetris console games and Flappy Bird.
You can play the game on the next link
All suggestions, critis, everything is welcome. I've designed everything by my self, i didn't steal other people work. I only used Stencyl free sounds. If there is a guy who wants to build games with me, but that has programming knowladge, we can work together on future projects.

Ako neko ima ovdje da zeli praviti igre, a da pritom zna programirati za mobilne platforme, nemora biti neki strucnjak, samo da zna nesto, mozemo zajedno praviti igre.
HINT: Use arrows to steer right and left.