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Hey guys
So I just released a game to the Google Play store with Chartboost ads integrated. Before release I tested it on my android device and received test interstitials. However when I launched, the game on the store itself displays test interstitials. I have created a campaign on my Chartboost dashboard, however it still receives only test interstitials. Is there anyone who can help me out?


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Testing is disabled. Still showing text ads in the game. Anyone here released a game w/ chartboost integrated, help would be appreciated


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You need a Stencyl license as far as i am concerned to have adds work properly.
How did you publish to the Play store anyway? You need a license for that as well?
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I am working with someone who has a valid license. Again, the app is live and is receiving test ads. This has something to do with chartboost itself. I'm not sure if I am doing the campaign part correct so I need advice from someone who has done it


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You have to disable test ads in chartboost web page, if you already did it you should know that changes dont apply immediatly , it takes some time to update your preferences in your chartboost dashboard. If after some hours you still showing test ads try to test your game via stencyl until you get it working, and then update your existing game in the store with a new version.

Edit: by the way, i've just released a game on iOS and im having the same problem, i have test mode disabled and my game still showing test ads. I disabled test mode before publishing and i have 10 more games published with chartboost so i know what im doing and this had never happened before, maybe there is a problem in chartboost side with new games...just guessing.....
Edit2: finally my game is showing NO-test ads so im guessing it was a temporary bug... xD

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