[SOLVED] Google Play Leaderboards not showing when published


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Hi everyone,

I have an issue with the Google Play Leaderboards and didn't find any answers to this when searching through the forum.
When I compile everything inside Stencyl and test it on my android device all the leaderboards and achievements are working fine. Although after I then published my game and downloaded it from the Google Play store the leaderboards and achievements stopped showing at all. (I also tested it on a friends' device and it had the same issue) It seems to initialize Google Game Services when it starts up the game but it doesn't show anything when I click my leaderboard and achievement buttons. 

Any help is appreciated :) Thanks!


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NVM found the issue. If anyone is interested it was in Google Play Game Services (In the developer console) under linked apps. Apparently it was some issue with the authorization of the app. So I just removed it and re-linked it. I'm suspecting it to be the SHA1 fingerprint. (Can it be that there's a debug/test AND a release version of that?)


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This issue appears to remain relevant as Stencyl has failed to fully explain how to integrate the Google Play Services with Google's API console NOT JUST the Game Center. I have found a debug.keystore file located in the directory of the main Stencyl program and ran
keytool -exportcert -keystore debug.keystore -list -v
with no password entered.
I received a SHA1 key
I assume this is the key that all debugging programs are compiled with so I entered it in the OAuth 2.0 client IDs
in the Google API Console
and the game center still will not initialize unless I build the release version, so I am unable to debug the program. Can a representative from Stencyl please address this issue.
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