The proper way to update Stencyl on Mac OS X


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Forgive the noobness of the question, I've looked but not had any luckā€¦ are there any instructions on the 'proper' method of updating Stencyl releases on OS X? The app comes in the form of a folder (Stencyl-full) containing itself and a bunch of other folders (see attached). I'm using the weekly dev builds, and am just replacing the entire folder each time. Is this correct? Can I keep around both a public release and a dev build, just in separate folders? Is there a better way of doing this?


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Just Copy all files from the folder (/Downloads/Stencyl_full) (CMD+C)
Insert them (CMD+V) into the "old" folder and overwrite all files (You will be asked to do this)
and that's all ! Next time you open stencyl , MacOSX will ask you (This is a Program from the Internet, do you really wanna open it?) Say YES and it's done !