Artificial Intelligence and Pathfinding Extension


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I have a set of graph-related blocks that I've been using recently. One of them includes A*. I noticed the current A* is broken, so I thought there may be interest in an update. If anyone is interested in the blocks below, I'll give them some proper documentation and make an extension package.

This A* version was designed to solve a slightly different problem than the usual "get from point A to point B on a map", so it's not optimized for that purpose. Still, it does solve that problem. The first two blocks can set up and solve a maze, and returns an array of steps.

The intended purpose was to help NPC actors figure out how to accomplish a given task, so this extension is designed as a general-purpose graph tool. It features the ability to name nodes and connections, which can then be used to trigger specific events. It can also be used in a real time strategy game to solve the "technology tree problem" (NPC camp figures out how to research technologies to obtain a desired product)


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thanks a lot for sharing it, it seems a very polished extension and superuseful, A* extension must be one of the most requested extension, thanks for the great contribution


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Where can I download it?