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           Gameplay is centered around simplicity; There is a spinning circle with a green "target" of varying size (depending on difficulty) and the player's objective is to tap the screen and stop the spinner on the target.  If the player succeeds, he continues to the next level and the speed increases, but if they fail, they return to the start.
Endless style gameplay means that the game is centered on obtaining high scores, encouraging competition among others.  Leaderboards via Google Play and Game Center are planned so you can see how you stack up against others all over the globe.

There are 6 levels of difficulty:

1: Speed of spinner increases with each level
2: Speed of spinner increases with each level, and the size of the target varies randomly with each level
3: Increasing Dynamic speed with each level (the speed will change during the level, either increasing or decreasing, instead of a single constant speed from the beginning of each level.) Target size also varies
4: Increasing constant speed, but it will randomly change direction, target size varies
5: Combination of 3 and 4
6: Wild Card (Random speed and speed change intervals) unpredictable.  Varying target size of course
        High Scores are saved individually for each difficulty, and your goal is to get the highest score possible.

Website: www.spin-app.info
Appstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/spin./id1067976805?ls=1&mt=8

Any reviews or ratings would be GREATLY appreciated


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