Please fix the horrible scrolling.


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The scrolling in the welcome center and every other part of Stencyl is horribly jerky and ugly. Scrolling in every other Mac app I've used is nice and smooth. Also, it is extremely annoying and stupid that you can't scroll when the cursor is over certain parts of blocks. Please fix it.


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Turn on Pixel-Snapping.

It's Under Settings > Advanced. This rounds and X or Y placements so there's no decimal points. Which makes scrolling FAR less jerky.

I feel like it should be turned on by default with Stencyl, dunno why it's not.


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i think Rainbros is talking about stencyl itself and not a in a game ;)


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This is the problem of Java on which Stencyl is running, all Java programs are slowly and heavy.


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Not really!
With my MacBookPro it was unbelievable slow, but now with my new Windows10 PC it scrolls smooth and it is both Java :-) so the "bug" must be hidden somewhere in Stencyl :-/


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I'm running MacBook Pro 2012 12.9"

The scrolling in Stencyl works fine for me.