Compilation Error – Dialog Extension


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i just wanted to publish my game and suddendly there are these errors showing up:

stencylworks/engine-extensions/com.polydes.dialog/src/dialog/ds/Typedefs.hx:8: characters 0-30 : Type not found : scripts.ds.dialog.ScalingImageTemplate

stencylworks/engine-extensions/com.polydes.datastruct/src/com/polydes/datastruct/DataStructures.hx:14: characters 3-22 : Unknown identifier : DataStructureReader

stencylworks/engine-extensions/com.polydes.datastruct/src/com/polydes/datastruct/DataStructures.hx:25: characters 3-22 : Unknown identifier : DataStructureReader

I could publish it before.

I hope somebody can help me! I just wanted to finish everything, it's for my master thesis.

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I solved it for now. The problem was that i saved the game as a new file and it seems that the extension "was confused" with the two game files somehow. I deleted the new file and then it was able to compile again. :/