Ideas on how to visualize that an actor was hit?


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I have some walking actors that will be hit by "fake bullets", meaning I just check if the mouse is over them and if yes, they are hit. I am thinking about different way to visualize that they are hit, any ideas? In my last game I had blood spatter created at the location of the mouse, but it's not going to work this time since the actors do not fit into the rectangular shapes that well, but I still count it as a hit. I think the player won't really notice, unless of course blood spatter is created in the air.

I also do not want to stop them since that would give the player an advantage (that he has to earn a different way). I could tween them to 95% for half a second, not sure how that would feel though, or rotate them a few percent as if they were thrown back by the bullet. So far my favorite idea is to attach a small image for half a second on top of the eye to make it look as if the enemy was blinking.

Any ideas are welcome!
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I would go with the blinking approach.. Flash white or red maybe.


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I agree that blinking would be best. Maybe push them back 1 pixel?


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yep, sounds good to me.. looking forward to seeing it finished!