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I upgraded Stencyl a few days ago. Haven't really had time to check the differences and I'm as confused as all heck.

I had two ideas, three if you count the game I've been working on for two years - which I'm not, but the one I decided to do has issues which looking at the changes is going to take me an age to work out - so in case it never sees light of day:

Idea Number one: It's called E666. You play a dead Spook for the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation and solve crimes, pick up items, talk to your chief and get into punch ups and shoot ups. Heavily influenced by the likes of films such as Beetlejuice, The Frightners and anything Tim Burton I guess. Main character is a guy called Moon Face, who is blue with fire for hair.... This is the one I am attempting because it is more visual.... but

Idea Number Two: I've always thought there might be a market for blind or partially sighted people in the concept of Audio Games - think interactive Audio books / or radio - the theatre of the mind - or even the old text based games of the 8-bit era. You have basic controls, no visuals and the sound tells the story and plays the game. I thought this would be awesome for a 'Spooky' game. You could close your eyes and play. When you walk you hear your footsteps which you have to learn to listen to - to gauge your 'position' - i.e stop walking - I've hit a wall / object. You listen for enemies - so breathing / sounds of enemy getting closer. You hear your inner monlogue - telling you things like: "I've picked up an object, I think it's a gun...." Etc, etc - think you can get the idea.

So back to work, but I'm a little dismayed today because I've realised most of what I knew how to do has changed... :(


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Replying to my own thread. But I am happy again. Had all day to play with the upgrade and done a ton of work. Still love Stencyl.


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Good to hear, keep it up!


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Idea 2, Idea 2, Idea2

Did I say that I liked idea 2?

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Idea 2 is really cool! I might steal it!


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Thank you for the feedback guys. As you may have seen I started developing the first idea because I wanted to create something with a bit of eye candy - after all it is the reason I got into making computer games - because I am quite visual, very into my movies etc. I'm kind of aware that I listed a load of films and referenced Tim Burton - forgetting there is a film called R.I.P'D, which full confession - I have seen and actually really enjoyed - despite people slagging it off for it's simularities with M.I.B. No such thing as an original idea...?

As for idea 2 - the audio game - well.  I feel quite passionately about the idea of audio games for the blind generally - I had pitched it to my coding colleague some months ago (he was / is helping me code the big game idea I am working on longer term) and had the idea of creating a series of games. Through my partner I meet people with various disabilities and already met some blind people where the idea took root. And if you do some research there are some people already making audio games for the blind, but they are undercatered for. Soooo it is definately something I will persue outside of this GameJam and openly welcome people to consider and create their own versions. To further add to that - only last night I was at an event for the blind (through my partner) and took the opportunity to ask someone about games for blind people. It was a mostly 'older' group so I couldn't get quite as much feed back as I would have liked. But from what I heard - yes audio games are very much appreciated, but they tend to get a bit samey and just not enough of them. So there is a real audience for this kind of work. If you are interested I found a link a few months ago:


It seems to me - the best way to create a good audio game is to have a lot of story and atmosphere - I'm thinking at the moment about a blind version of Alien or even better Day of the Triffids in which blindness is a big part of the story. Or I remember there was a book set entirely in the dark in a dungeon. So many good references for ideas for a good audio game. Sorry I'm going on a bit, but you get the idea.

Once again thank you for the feed back ;)