Saving Failure upon Restart of Device

Dear Forum,

Hello, I'm having an issue with the save function on a mobile app that I created.
When the game ends, the block |save game and then...| runs and the scene transitions afterwards. For some reason though, the global variables aren't saved, and when the app is force-stopped or if I restart my phone the variables are back to their defaults.

This is fairly game-breaking and I would like to fix it as soon as possible, so if anyone has a reason for why this may be happening and how to repair it (or if I'm using saving improperly and someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong) I would greatly appreciate your response.

Thank you,


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Are you making sure to load the game in your initial scene?


Damn it. Seriously, how did I miss that. *groan* I feel like a total idiot now; urgh the shame...

Thank you for suggesting this, that should probably fix the issue.