Illustrations Needed for iOS Game


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Hey all, I have a new game that I'm almost finished with. I'm looking for some sci-fi artwork/illustrations for my website and possibly to use in the game as well. I'm willing to pay $20 per illustration(probably 3 or 4 total) along with full credit in the game. I've released many apps to the app store. Please let me know if you would be interested. Thanks!


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Hello brvids,

I could be interested, if my still and pricing applies. I work predominately in fantasy, humour and horror and I'm currently working on a science fiction project at the moment.

Just a couple of questions :
- What sort of vibe is your game and what is the target demographic?
- What is the turn around time?

I would be more than happy to offer my services, feel free to send more of a spec over and I can discuss in more detail  >



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Thanks Jimm84, I sent you a private message.