How to automatically switch from one dialog chunk to another?


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Hello! My forthcoming game features a ton of dialogue and some of it is "dead end" dialog that funnels the player towards a set conversation closer. Rather than repeating my closing lines in every single branch of the dialog, is there way to automatically switch from one to another, without a pause?

Say we have two options.
Yes leads to this, "Of course you'd say yes! You stole three cranberries."
No leads to this, "No? stole three cranberries. That makes no sense."

But they both end with, "Who even cares. This is the worst fake dialogue ever."

Rather than repeating that under each #Yes and #No chunk, can somehow make both of those sections switch to this one afterward? (Assume it has its own chunk under #Fake.)

Thanks in advance!


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Does this do what you need?

Code: [Select]
<dg fake>
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