can you get stencyl for a android


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can you get stencyl for a android
My computer is not so good
and can not run it good

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For an android tablet? As far as I know, not at this moment. That would be an awesome feature to have though. Maybe an ios/android partner app that works in tune with desktop Stencyl. Would definitely increase productivity.


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If you re looking for a Game Making IDE for your Tablet, go and take a look for CODEA (an iOS App for your iPad) You can code in LUA (very easy to learn)


Or maybe you want to code inside your browser. So go and take a look at GDevelop (Something similiar to Stencyl or Construct2)


Or GooCreate, that is also an easy to learn HTML5 Webplattform for making games and run inside your browser.


I made a Google+ Collection with over 140 Game Engines. Most of them are for free or cheaper than Stencyl and takes less of ressources.

Google+ Game Engine Collection