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Thought I would share some of the new screen shots from my current game project, The Adventures Of Kroma 2. This one is in ChromaDepth 3-D like the first game but with over twice the colors so there can be a lot more detail. Obviously, you must be wearing the ChromaDepth glasses to get the 3-D effect. The HD version of the glasses work the best.


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How do you post a picture of pixel at on a windows computer?
(I have a city landscape I'd like to show you guys, you could also check it out in my game http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/28957 )
PS Just posted it :D


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I re drew some of zelda link's awakening house tiles but they are MINE. I own the rights to them because they are actually different entirely. Heehee... including the way they are drawn.



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They're gonna put all the apartments together into one image.


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@Irock That is f*cking awesome.
Here's what I got.Any criticism welcome

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New Bloodborne footage made me think about a 2d bloodborne game..


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More work on em..


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Did a pixel daily, because why not? Feel free to critique.
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great work WayneAdams.

i dont know what references you used, but it feels like you need to work on the overall proportions.  the lanterns are huge (3 storys high) and your stairs have steps are at least 40cm high, which is ok i guess, but doesnt look "normal" to me.


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A normal steps in the real world are normally 150mm / 15cm in height.

But, those lamp-post are not far off, actually. Most of them are somewhere in the 600cm region, slightly lower than 3- storey (2 1/2 ?). I've seen a short ones, but those are mainly in parks and decors.

(I've worked in architectural industry before, few years back)