How to make LAVA


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Can someone tell me how to make "lava"? I mean a TILE that "kills" player on collision. I can't find any way to do this

P.S I am new


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This would probably be easier by using actors for the lava, unless you're going to have loads of them on screen.

You could also use regions.


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Or the Tile API. If you check tiles near (or underneath?) the character and find that they match the tile ID of any lava tiles.
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I know, but i can't understand that TILE API :/


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The TILE API is listed as an Expert level topic. If you're new to Stencyl, you might want to go with something simpler, like the aforementioned actor route.
Replace the tile with an actor (that can be the same size as a tile) and check for collisions between the player and the actors of the lava type. This also gives you the benefit of being able to easily animate the lava.
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I think you are right... Well i will mark this topic as Solved