Stencyl on Steam ?!


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Just a thought of mine !

Construct is on Steam
Fusion is on Steam
GameMaker is on Steam
Leadworks is on Steam
Sky Game Engine coming soon to Steam (Vote for it on Greenlight)
App Game Kit is on Steam
Game Guru is on Steam
GODOT Game Engine is on Steam
Coppercube is on Steam
Gamelooper is on Steam
Game Creator 001 is on Steam
Cry Engine is on Steam
StingRay Game Engine is on Steam
S2 Engine HD is on Steam
and so on and so on.....

Ever thought about selling Stencyl on Steam?


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No. Stencyl belongs at home. On its own servers :).


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While this would make the program more available for many, it would also be able to open the floodgates for quantity over quality, which is something that currently suffers with Unity and Steam (Unity is an amazing engine, though. All you need to do is look at games such as Yooka-Laylee).

There is a chance this might not happen. It's a hard choice to what could happen. Would Stencyl sell? Would Stencyl become more known for quantity over quality? It's pretty much a dice roll with Steam, and having your product on Steam doesn't mean much nowadays, as there's a large amount of shovelware on the storefront recently (Most of Steam's new games in 2016 were shovelware, which caused the creation of Steam Direct, and the end of Greenlight)


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it would also be able to open the floodgates for quantity over quality,
I am amused because this is exactly what devs said on Kongregate when Stencyl was starting to be used.

That said, Stencyl on Steam is a question of the market; are the people on Steam the ones that would be interested in it? I don't know how well the "developer" market is on Steam, availability of that software is not the same as making money selling it. :)
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I find that odd, as most projects I see with Stencyl are  pretty quality (unless they don't advertise it on this site). But yeah, Stencyl's popularity on Steam would be based upon if people use it, like Blender and the Source SDK tools.