Newbie Needs Direction


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Good Day,
I really want to learn and be good at this but I'm lacking imagination, knowledge and talent.
so here I'am again asking for direction, I want to make something like tower defense game but instead of placing tower
I got my main character defending the statue . ( I'll attach pictures ) , for now all i got is the character moving in 4 direction which I downloaded at the stencylforge and sprites that I also downloaded,so I'am asking for direction , any suggestion would be great.
I just need something like a pattern or direction what to learn first for my game. thanks
here is the picture anyways. (I'm currently using downloaded assets but I'm gonna make my own and replace this as soon as I finish all my struggles) sorry for the long post


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My suggestion is to wait with a tower defense kind off game, and start with something simpeler to understand how coding works. After that you can start looking into the behaviors required for a tower defense game.

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