Mechanics mini Jam Winners Announced!


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Joints, huh? I remember that, time ago, I started to prototype a game about a guy with a flail, and attacked by spinning, had a whole bunch of joints.

Nice, I like a bit of flail fighting action.


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Great work everyone, results will be announced later this week.


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Despite the small turnout I'm really happy with how the jam went, some really interesting concepts popped up. I plan to do more of this sort of thing in the future, I think everyone benefits from making small focused projects from time to time.

the winners are,

First place -> Balloons by Rainbros,51491.0.html
Really nice concept, the springy ropes that hold the balloons remind me of the web from the Stencyl Jam game Spiderling. the mechanics work really well and I can definitely see this working as a full game.

Second place -> Caterpillar by LIBERADO,51480.0.html
A beautiful example of joints in action, I would have imagined this sort of thing being a crashy nightmare but it works flawlessly. Its a really fun demo to just drive around in.

Third place -> Joints Fishing by squeeb,51453.0.html
I really like the concept, the construction of the rod is nicely done in the way it flexes, the rotating reel is a nice touch. The demo itself is a bit 'janky  :P' but the idea is nice and its a great usage for joints.

I enjoyed looking at all the entrants, I enjoyed the latest build of Whipcrash, Unicyclympics is hilarious. HOOPSMACHINE is fun but I'm not falling for all that art and polish. mdotedot's pulley game is very cool, id love to test it out in multiplayer, can't believe we had a multiplayer entrant  :D

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Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all contestants who entered. I had a great time. Thank you for running the jam colburt187!!
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Thank you.  I wish i had more time to test the "game" part more  :)

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Thanks to colburt187 for having this great jam. Really saw some creative stuff from all who participated.  :)


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I badly wanted to participate and even spent a few dimes to learn the joints trick. But things go wrong!! Anyways, there were great games!!

@colburt... I indeed was worried whether you would be mesmerized with the graphics. You stood by your words.

Congratulations to all the winners!!
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Despite the small turnout

Sorry, I strive to use Simple physics where I write my own physics into the game. Joints automatically forces you to use Box2D. Otherwise, I would have tried harder to make a prototype :)