Stencyl Tutorials?


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I need some good Stencyl tutorials that cover the basics of the software, as well as some techniques and coding block patterns you can use for practically anything. I've used block coding before through Scratch, but I've been meaning to learn this software for a while now as it looks so much better to use.


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Thanks a lot for the Crash Courses. Helped me understand a lot more about the program than I did before I read it.


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I am currently recording a series that will get you through the basics of Stencyl. ETA will be around Septemver 1th!


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Thanks so much for the info! I've checked out your channel before but it's good to know that a new series is coming up. Subbed!


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Don't look to me but rather to the One who is the reason for what I do. :)

If you need help, send me a PM. Even if I haven't been on in the forums in ages, I still receive those messages via email notifications. You can also reply to any of my forum posts, regardless of the age (especially if I created it), and I will likely reply.

If you want to see the programming behind certain types of games, feel free to check out my "Demo-" games on StencylForge (,16160.0.html)


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i started with some of these ones...

crash courses ( when i was stuck at sometimes )

some actual problems
 faced during game making

( some of these were extremely helpful for me)

aspects like events, behaviours, code blocks


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Lense OnLife also has lots of tutorial videos about Stencyl, I recommend it.