Text Adventures (Not... what it sounds like)


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Hey Stencylers!

It's been a while, but I have jumped full force back into Stencyl again. I haven't had too much time to experiment, but I could not find an article on this specifically.  So I wanted to ask.

Can you have two "Drawn" text objects on the screen with different fonts?  I set the font before drawing, and it changed all of the other fonts in a different behavior attached to the scene.  The change font came from an actor. 

Do I need to set the font for the other one's beforehand to avoid this?  Is it that simple?  Thanks in advance.


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Sure. I've used different fonts on the same scene behavior before, so I assume it works with actors behaviors as well.


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Yep! It looks like if you let it use a default font, and set another font elsewhere, it will get converted by default.

Just took the time real quick to double check.  If I define a font, draw, define another font, then draw again, both fonts are independent.