Running to iOS without licenses


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For 3.4 steps see:

You need an Apple OSX Computer or you can use (I've never used it myself)

I am using a Mac Mini Late 2009 Edition. Since the Mac is old I needed to use a patch install to get High Sierra on it. (

Running to iOS Simulator without an Apple Developer Account and without a Stencyl publication account

* From the App Store download XCode (you need an Store Apple ID but that is not necessarily an Developer ID)
* Start XCode (9.2)  and tell it not to produce the default startup window (I'm not sure but in the past this needed to be done because otherwise the commandline tools wouldn't work)
* Stencyl on High Sierra don't create a launch icon. You need to start it yourself:
* cd Downloads/Stencyl-full-b9707/
* ./Stencyl
* Download from the internet: Open
* Asked to download java : JRE  8 update 161 : installed through Oracle website
* No Sign In to Stencyl [ Remind Me Later ] : no stencyl account needed !
* Ignore the warning on the workspace
* New Game : Default dimensions : New Scene : New Actor : Give it an image: Add Behavior Follow Mouse + Behavior No Exit Scene : Add To Scene
* Settings : Mobile : Set orientation to Landscape
* Versions : iOS minimum 9.3 : Target is 11.2
* Run -> iOS Simulator -? iPhone 5s -> (11.2) iPhone 5.s) 4.0"
* Stencyl asks to install Neko : do it

Running to the simulator takes a build time of over an hour on the Mac Mini

Running to iOS device attached to the Mac.

Requirement: an Apple ID signed into

* Account menu
* Create Apple ID
* Login with with this new Apple ID
* Agree to the agreement
* When you see the Welcome Page you are done

* XCode Menu
* Preferences
* Accounts
* [ + ] icon
* Apple ID [Continue]
* Sign In

* Create a sample game like the steps for Simulator
* Go to settings to set the ios version & display
* Also add an unique name to the game
* Mobile: App Name : Game
* App ID : (unique name!)
* Run -> iOS
This will fail.
* Quit stencyl
* Open XCode
* Open Project and navigate to folder : $HOME/stencylwokrs/games-generated/YOUR_GAME_NAME/Export/ios
* There should be a file with xcodeprof that is the project file

Double click on the blue Folder icon

Control Click on the Build Haxe Target and select Delete

Then Click on the 'TheGame' (your game) target

Goto the TEAM signing setting. If you have set the account in the Preferences of XCode you should see the Personal Team

Next set the target to your device rather than the simulator

The signing setting should now be completed for your device

Product Menu -> Run

The build to device should now start

Choose always allow after entering password for your Mac system

You need to unlock your device to get the app to run.


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