Adding Localisation info to iOS PLIST (SOLVED)


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Hi. I'm updating a game I have on the App Store. The game is already localised, but when trying to update it, the localisations are going missing from the App Store info.

I am on a new mac since uploading the initial version, so this could be something that I'm doing wrong. Firstly, I add the following line to the OpenFL settings in Stencyl:

<template path="../../lime-templates" />

I then copied the PROJ-Info.plist file from /Applications/Stencyl/plaf/haxe/lib/lime/lime/legacy/templates/iphone/PROJ/PROJ-Info.plist to stencylworks/lime-templates and added the following lines with a text editor:


For French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Chinese localisations.

It's worth noting here that I had to find this file in an older (3.4) version of Stencyl.

When exporting the Xcode project and looking at the game's PLIST, I can't see the localisations. And if I upload the build to the App Store for processing, then once processed, there are no localisations listed on the build info.

I'm fairly sure this is what I did last time I set this up. Am I doing this wrong, or is there a problem with using OpenFL settings?

Thanks for any help!

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Bump. Anybody managed to do this?


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Are you saying that you have localised the game in Stencyl, and you just want your app store entry to show the available anguages ?
If so, then I belive it's as simple as opening your game in xcode, then choosing any text file and choosing a localisation language for that file. I did this - i selected a text file i'd placed in the extras folder and just placed one word in each localised version, (french/spanish).  The file does nothing in the actual game - language choice is handled by stencyl cod, but English,Spanish and French now appear as available languages in the app store.


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”Are you saying that you have localised the game in Stencyl, and you just want your app store entry to show the available anguages ?”
That’s it, yep. Ok I’ll try your suggestion. Sounds good, thanks!


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I'm just getting around to trying this, but I want to avoid going down the XCode route as this will severely complicate things (and not just for me either)! This used to work by using the method I described in my original post. I guess the real question is whether the OpenFL settings actually still do anything, and whether the technique I describe should actually still work?

Thanks again!


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Just thought I'd update this thread in case anybody else had become stuck with it. The method I used actually does work, but in this case, the file path I mentioned was wrong. The lime-templates folder should go in your stencylworks folder, but should contain another couple of subfolders: /lime-templates/iphone/PROJ/
The PROJ-Info.plist file should go in here.