[Solved] Layers in Events


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Hi it's really frustrating: I want to have "Button Starten 2" on top of my grey textbox. But it won't be on top.
Shouldn't the circled blocks put it in front of everything?
What am I doing wrong?

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Probably something with the drawing priority over actors in the layer. You can use the draw image of actor block (Drawing > Actor Drawing) in your do after, and select your button actor, see if that solves it.
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Unfortunatly this does nothing.
I also tried creating a layer in the Scene that nothing is on, but my Button isn't in the front of the box.

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You don't want to put 'Do After' inside a Drawing event. Drawing takes place 60 times per second... every time the screen refreshes.

If you want text, images, or anything else to be drawn after a delay, replace the 'Do After' with an 'if (attribute)' and then set the attribute to true/false in another event.


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Well that explains, why a lot of my stuff is not working properly.
But my problem isn't solved. The actor button is still behind my gray and there occured another problem:
My condition for my button to appear now ist oppacity of"play" = 1. But this only works if i set it to 50 (the opacity and of course the condition =50) Even if I match the numbers it isn't working. I can't use =0 because the button is hidden most of the time. So now the initial problem is still there + there is another one.


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There is a block that allows you to specify the layer  on which the drawing routines work. If you have a separate background layer, try that.


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when drawing, fill round rect at x 33 y 33

can you use actor to use this block
but not let a scene using it?


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Sorry for the late resonse, I had no time to work on my project.
But setting my drawinglayer helped with my problem.
Thanks :)