Can't export/test to windows - Can't find version of Visual Studio 2015


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Hey Folks,

Trying to test/export to window desktop but having trouble with even starting testing, since I get the following errors:

[haxelib.exe] Error: Could not automatically setup MSVC
[haxelib.exe] Missing HXCPP_VARS
[haxelib.exe] Warning: Could not find Visual Studio 2017 VsDevCmd

Logs are attached below if you're wanting more information.

I've followed this tutorial and re-installed Visual Studio (Via Tools -> External IDE -> Reinstall Visual Studio) but haven't had any luck so far:,47294.0.html

I'm unsure whether I can go backwards from 2017 to 2015. Whilst in Stencyl you can direct the engine to the folders you're using/what SDK you're targetting for android, as far as I can tell I can't change the target from 2017 to 2015 without outright uninstalling those more modern tools (which VS 2017 I use for Unity). Is there a way to set the version of Visual Studio Stencyl uses manually?