GUNKY - New gameplay video


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Hi all,

I haven’t been active on here in 4 years. I released a couple of games on the App Store around 4-5 years ago one being called Gloopy which ended up doing quite well at the time in a few different countries.
I then released a point and click adventure game called The Silence which took around 6 months to complete, unfortunately due to a lack of experience on release it crashed for most people on startup and by the time I’d fixed it was too late with the bad reviews etc, so I took a game developing hiatus, and then life took over.

Anyway enough of the long back story. I decided Gloopy could of been so much better and I still like the concept, so I’ve started development on a game using similar mechanics but with much improved graphics, sound and animations called Gooky.
All artwork/game mechanics are completed and I’m now on level 5, I hope to have around 100 levels initially, I’ll average around 4-5 levels a day minimum, so it should be ready for the App Store in around a month.

Gameplay Video:

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Like the art work style and looking forward to seeing this project come to life.
Keep posting in here your progress, would be good to see.
If you need any testers give me a shout.
All the best mate!!!


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Thanks Mike, I really appreciate it. I’ll give you a shout once I’m at the testing stage.