How can I have 2+cameras in 1 scene? 1 for minimap and 1 for my player movements


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Hi, it's been a couple of days and I haven't gotten any ideas.
I want to have a camera and anchor one small actor to a minimap in-screen, but the small actor is moving out of the map and the map doesn't have boundaries for it. is there a way to have the small actor anchored and camera followed to the minimap?


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Here is my implementation. I'll have a video explaining it after the jam, but you can play around with it.

Answering your question, you can just check if the actor's position on screen is greater/smaller than the mini-map's border, and set it to those borders.
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I created a very simple map for the updade of my game (see attachment).

I wanted to show the position of the two players on the map
My room is a 50 x 50 tiles. Each tile is a 32x32 pixels.

I decided to represent each tile of the room by 1 pixel on the map! (scale 1/32).
So when the player moves 1 tile (32 pix), he moves 1 pixel on the map.

Do to this, i need
- A map: It's a simple sprite 50x50 pixels
- Two mini players  (1 and 2): it's a simple pixel sprite (1x1) can make it bigger if you want.

During the game , i record the X & Y positions of the players 1 & 2, and set the position of the mini players on the map
divided by 32.

X_mini_player_1 = X_player_1 / 32
When the palyers move, the mini players  move at the same time on the map.

You have just to set the position of the map and mini players on the screen where you want to show them...


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Thank you both, sorry that I did not ask the right question.

The big map - as big as the screen and at least 10 times smaller than the scene - is sorted out and shows the whole scene and only visible when you go over its button with the mouse.

The small map - always visible and 30 times smaller than the scene - should show only the current screen size (or with a max multiplier of 3). This is what I am working on and where I have no ideas at the moment.