Can's see console


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I get this error each time I test my game - game runs fine, but console shows nothing beyond
Universal.initScreen (356): Scale Y: 1

This is making it hard to debug, any ideas if it's something I've got wrong in my game, or is it a Stencyl problem?

Unexpected problem on thread Thread-1221: Index 8192 out of bounds for length 8192

Throwable: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 8192 out of bounds for length 8192
   at java.base/ Source)


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Check if your log are going through the game controller or not. You can also export your logs, then clear them under Tools > Logs, and see if you still have this issue.
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This is a problem in Stencyl.

I've filed it in the issue tracker and fixed it (I think) in the latest private build.
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Fantastic, thanks!


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Download an extention called HUD console.
When you install it, put a create console and show console blocks on a When Created event.
Then do the error again to see it.

You can also, open the Log Viewer.