Bad Soccer Manager - Football manager game (demo)


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Hi all,

Released an early demo of a game I have been working on over the last couple of months.

You can find it here:

Hope you enjoy!

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I played for a bit on my PC, and manager-style games aren't my usual go-to, so take this with a grain of salt.
1- I like the consistent style overal, but sometimes you have different pixel sizes and that stands out. The ball, the net in the goal and the lines separating the spotlights in the stadium are the ones more noticeable, clashing with the rest of the graphics.
2- The defense mini-game feels substantially easier than the attack mini-game. Perhaps making the goal taller could balance both out: making the defense more challenging and the attack easier.
3- When I went to jump in the bath with the boys, I thought I had to mash to run. The manager already runs automatically it seems, and add that to the mouse clicks, he ended up flying to the stratosphere. I wonder if tapping to run is really necessary. I didn't play another match to test this out.
4- I found there was too much idle time during the "action" parts of the game. In the golf/attack mini-games, after you hit the ball there is a lot of time until the game proceeds. It's a bit concerning during the attack mini-game where you are under a time limit.

These are my thoughts on the demo. There is some good stuff in there, so please don't let my feedback discourage you!
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Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it.
I was thinking the same about the defence game and just recently I wrote “higher goal” in the defence game!
The bath game - I am in the process of refining this by creating a run and jump button to make the game a lot clearer.
Agree about the idle times in the golf/attack games. This is a quick fix and will get round to remedying this.
The style and pixel sizes. I had experimented with different styles for the goal and the ball to make them stand out a bit. I think as the game development progressed I had just forgot about them.
Thanks again for all your help and playing it so thoroughly! Greatly appreciated

Max Marin

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as Luren I liked the style of the game and how well padded it is. Two things I saw:
I didn't understand anything maybe because I always hit the next button, play, skip without reading much.
The other thing is that it seems to me that some titles would be missing for the buttons, example: it shows an icon of a man but what does it mean?
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