Region does not reliably trigger events


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I have several regions that I use as level triggers. When the player enters them it transitions to whatever level that region is tied to. I have several dozen of these throughout my game and they all work fine except for one. More often than not the player will clip right through it and fall out of the level without anything else happening. Sometimes the player can trigger it, sometimes they can't. It seems to be an issue with how often the regions check for activity and another thread suggested using actors instead, however that seems like a hacky trick that I want to avoid. What are some possible reasons for why it would do this?
All the level transitions are made verbatim like the attached image, with the only differences being the scene loaded and where it spawns the next player.

If the player simply walks into a region it triggers, however if they're are jumping or otherwise not on the ground then it won't. What causes this?

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What do your Region s look like?  Do they encompass the whole area you want them to trigger in?


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Yes, they cover the whole area. It seems to be a problem with how they behave depending on the player's movement. If I walk right into them after the scene loads without jumping, it works fine. However, if I jump at all they it never detects. Since this region is over a drop-down area the player has to jump into it, so it never loads.