I've made a decision....


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I'm thinking about changing a few things about my new ID...

It was based on my dream self's adventures, which almost are Robot-Chicken-esque, very relatable than Family Guy and hitting the very soul than Disney. Seeing this, I went through several trillions of changes in my life until I read the Bible and it amplified it. I even completed a fictional version of a real life 3rd-wheel mechanic from that book today, knowing the full truth of how to become the real one this month!

Then I had to look into my history (which is horror-ridden!) to actually see where my current state was getting me. NFTs began booming at this time, but I corrected lots of major notes taken from my childhood and false life, though some notes began popping up as real notes. It got me many game-changing ideas in the process than just the dream self. Before my past upcoming new ID was a evil-thing-laced macro as my ID and a later upcoming one that I made after my dream self to erase a past thought on schedule.

The upcoming one I'm going to have to stop building before I get a DBA I would hate and make a new one after I leave the past upcoming one as my email and begin to work from there, as I... ultimately have to say goodbye to my dreams' version and not the dream self of me never seen before in real life. Even though he brought millions of things to the table, he is still going through change after change after being himself again until he is safe in his own surroundings. He's already a big enough star and I can't make him any more bigger. So, I'm making an ID of my own to boot my great thinking before it gets worse.

We can still talk about wizard-like hats. We can still talk about dreams. But you're going to have to go to something than my dreams' sheriff!