Game won't load and dashboard won't display anything. [Solved]


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Hello I've been working on this game for a little while now but when I was making this scene behavior the game crashed and now it will not load anymore. The game creating dashboard won't show anything except for the options at the top (that's what the picture is of). I also tried to look at (Can't launch Stencyl or open your game? Check here first.) link on the website but it won't load, just saying a error occurred.  Any help is greatly appreciated!

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That's a first. If it's that way before you open any game, you probably want to reinstall Stencyl. On the other hand, if the issue in your original project is the cause, you can delete the scene that caused the error and it might solve it.

Open Stencyl and go to Tools > View Folder > View Workspace Folder > Games
From there, go to your game's folder > scenes and remove 0.xml and 0.scn. Then open scenes.xml in the same folder (you can use notepad or notepad++) and remove the line containing your scene. According to your logs, it's a scene called level 1.

As far as I know, that will delete that scene from your game, and if it is the root cause of your issue, it might get back to normal.
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Yes! That worked great Thank you very much! My actors and scenes are gone but I only wanted my behaviors back anyways.  Thanks again!