Image API question


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HI, I'm starting to learn the Image API. Can someone please explain why the green square goes to the top left corner of the screen when I use the 'slide' block (please see attached scree shots).  If this is the wrong block, how then to move an instance image, say for example, across the screen in a smooth motion? Really appreciate any help.


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Maybe try "slide Copy2 - Instance to x: 500 y: 300 over......"


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Thanks for your reply. I did think of that and had tried it, but it made no difference. Even when I specify a long time, the green square appears instantly on the top left screen corner.


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Think it is the order of it. You are setting the Copy2 variable after the attach part. You are overriding the variable. You need to set it before you move and attach it.
Hope it helps.