Death Collision?


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Hey, ive got a problem thats really hard to explain. I need to make a behaviour so that when the player touches a spike, the level will reset. Ive tried making 1000`s different behaviours but i always got an error saying:

Behavior: Design_251_251_EvilBloonDeath at line 41.
Acces of undefined property event.
if (event.collidedWithActor)

Tell me how to make a behaviour that if the player touches a specific actor, the level will reset. Thanks! ( I tried Kits etc from StencylForge but most had different or same error )


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Just to make sure, you can only place collision-related blocks in the "when this collides" wrapper.

Can you post a screenshot of your behavior?


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Sure, if you want 18 different behaviours ive tried out...


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The blocks in the category Collision must be used inside "when this collides".
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