Introduce Yourself!


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New to the forums? Introduce yourself here! Feel free to post as much or as little about you as you want.

Even if you're not new, you can still tell us about yourself so members can get to know you better.


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I'm Cory Martin from Tennessee, but you can call me Irock.

I grew up with video games. I was born into a home with an NES, skipped the SNES (I didn't know it existed), got a Windows machine in '97, got the N64 in '98, got the Gamecube in '01 and a bunch of stuff after that you probably don't want to hear.

My favorite game out of the few I've ever actually played (I seriously have missed out on a lot of highly praised games) is probably The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I just love that game for so many reasons. The game (contrary to popular belief) is absolutely beautiful, even ten years later. The graphical style is much more like the 2D Zeldas than OoT or TP. The music is very enjoyable too, and fits in with the game well. I love all the secrets and items most people will likely not collect on their first playthrough. There's a great deal of polish that I still don't see in a lot of modern games. The world is really vast with lots of places to explore. The entire atmosphere off the game is just terrific. There's nothing like being out on the ocean at night, experiencing the sunrise and the buildup of the music. as day is bestowed upon you, while you sail to some unknown destination- that really resonated with me. The game's just really fun too. Fun fact: I had an unwarranted grudge against the Zelda series based on Link in Super Smash Bros, until my friend brought Wind Waker over one day. I had to buy it shortly after.

Other favorites include Paper Mario, Cave Story, Fallout 3, The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, Putt-Putt Travels Through Time and that Spore demo from GDC 2005. For having a hobby developing games, I don't have a very colorful palette of favorites. Also, I'm only half joking about Putt-Putt Travels Through Time. Also, this list changes all the time.

I became interested in game development when my friend showed me RPG Maker in 2006, then I discovered Stencyl (which was completely different then) in 2007 and when I got invited into the beta, I started becoming a little more serious about this hobby. Hopefully one day my games will be good enough for me to not just be in it as a hobby.


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Hello, I'm almyki but you can call me ali.  My household has had video games since SNES days, but I'm more casual than anything.  I prefer games with stories, sims or sandbox games, and niche stuff like Visual Novels.  I am 20 years old, Korean-American, and currently going to college for Graphic Design.  I found Stencyl through looking at RPG Maker communities, though I don't have much real experience with any game making software at all.  I know no coding, but I love games and making things, so I bring my art and concept to the table and let Stencyl do the scary stuff XD .

I've been around watching Stencyl and poking in the community for a while, but that doesn't mean I actually know anything or have accomplished much, so don't look to me for help!!  XD  I'm not even good at pixel art, but I do hand-drawn work, traditional and digital both but I'm more comfortable with traditional.  I am interested in making games like dress-ups, pet or sim games, visual novels, and one day, my big dream is to an RPG :shiny eyes: .  Buuuttt that's a just a dream for now X3 .

I also tend to ramble on, 'concise' is not in my dictionary.  Sorry, I can't help it!  I always have a few projects on the backburner, a few projects I'm 'working on' (ahaha) currently, and a few I want to do in the future, but I almost never get stuff done :< . 

My favorite games in the world are Dark Cloud 2 for it's gameplay, Tales of Vesperia's graphics and battle system (Tales games in general for characters and voice acting =D ), and Legend of Dragoon for nostalgic love.  I like Sim games, Pokemon, and other stuff too, but I haven't found that *perfect* sim/sandbox yet.  Maybe one of you will make it =D =D =D .
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Hi I am Robbie. But more commonly known on the internet as Mr. LL or Solarblade. Or whatever.

My first games were Dr. Mario and Tetris Attack. Soon I started playing whatever I could. I was and still am a hopeless addict. Not much to really talk about for me really! I sprite and program, can't make music for the life of me, and have trouble finishing anything.

I am still not too versed in the way stencyl works but I seem to grasp how it works fairly well. Behaviors are fun and I am willing to try and help people out with bugs and problems if they're in the chat! I tend to forget about the forums so I may not post a lot but I will try to post more! :D


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Hello, I'm Nathan Mitchell, known in many places as Hectate. I was introduced to Stencyl through my time on the Flixel forums, where I was attempting to teach myself (only somewhat successfully) to code my own games.

I love games of all kinds - even ones I suck at - and the only thing more fun is making them. I've spent a lot of time doing so in one form or another, such as making levels for the original Duke Nukem (not 3D), levels for Doom, modding in HL/HL2, and other similar things. I frequently design non-video games also. Some of the best times I've had with friends have been at a table instead of at a TV/monitor.

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Hey! I'm VĂ­tor Eduardo, known as Luyren on the internet. I'm from Brazil, and I'm studying violin at the University of Brasilia. I'm also a member of LitSwitch Productions, and I'm fairly good with Design Mode if I do say so myself.

I started playing games in the SNES era (Zelda Link to the Past, Megaman X, Super Metroid, Demon's Crest). I'm a huge fan of platformers and RPGs, and I really like games with a deep story. With that said, my favorite games are Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid series and Final Fantasy series. I'm a huge fan of Nintendo, but I don't feel the need to buying a new Zelda game as much as my need for the next Final Fantasy. I also like table top RPGs, specially Pathfinder and d20 system in general.

On of my dream games is something similar to Front Mission Gun Hazard, called Verus. It was this game idea that got me in the beta back in the day, and after some tries, I decided I'd only properly start working on it after I got more knowledge with StencylWorks. Shouldn't take long, I hope!
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I'm Derek Bouthiller, but you can just call me by user name (which, in this case, is my first name). I'm also known under the username DBAce9Aura (don't ask, just don't).

As far as games go, I do play some action titles (not as much as I used to), but for the most part, it's RPGs (such as Heimdall 2 and Dragon Slayer II: Xanadu) and strategy games (like Vantage Master and Shining Force). I'm also into doing pixel art, though considering my work on Elemental Clash, that shouldn't be a shocker.

My non-gaming interests including animation (well, the western flavor since I lost touch with my interest in anime), music (video games especially), and mythology.
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Greetings, all. My name is Linus Chan, a sophomore high school student. I used to go by a lot of names... Strasteo will probably stick, I think.

I think my first game was Super Mario World, which sparked a love for platformers. I can never quite pin down an absolute favorite game however. Some of my favorite games include Katamari Damacy, Chibi Robo, Cave Story as well as the Dragon Quest, Paper Mario, and Disgaea series. I like quirky humor quite a bit, though I love anything that does something a tad different.

I draw and write a lot besides game design. I think a lot of game designers have a game that they feel is very special to them and want to make but it's a formidable project to take on alone. Such a project of mine is Tower Shadow, a platforming/shooting game with NPCs and a story which is something I came up with a few years back and still love to this day. It may need some major remodeling but I'm excited to do it and hope I can make it playable some day.


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Hi, I'm Jordan Terrazas, and I'm from the Houston area. I go by Tatertom or Tatertot here. I learned about Stencyl a few years back by one of my friends. I'm not too familiar with StencylWorks due to my ways with Valve's Source SDK, but I'm getting there.

My favorite games by far are pretty much anything by Valve, Earthbound, Mario, Shadow of The Colossus, Minecraft, and I'm getting into Final Fantasy. When I started playing video games, I started out with a GameBoy color with Pokemon Yellow. I also like to mod for the source engine, and jack around with the Windows 7 OS(with a backup of course  ;) )

Besides gaming, I'm a animator, and I'm known at school for being a good drawer and video/special effects producer. I also like to play basketball.
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Not new to Stencyl, but new to the new forums.

Been away for a while. Sometimes I do that. Work is a cruel mistress.

My name is Ben. Im 30 years old, live in Edmonton Canada. I work two Jobs. One full time, for myself, and one part time  for other people.

 I pay the bills with Art. I pay for recreation with the second job, as a kitchen goon. At night time, I make more art, mostly Illegally.

Umm... I like to make stuff. Havent played around with stencyl since the old site. Looking forward to getting back into things.

Im on twitter and tumblr and facebook and all that jazz. @ben_perry_yeg


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My name's Anthony Gallant, which isn't my birth name. I'm 16 as of this post. I'm from the San Diego area in California. I found out about Stencyl in 2007, and joined the forums in 2008.

I've grown up with video games, and naturally wanted to make my own. When I was little I drew a level in MSpaint and pondered how to turn it into a game, I didn't have any clue. When I'm not playing extremely mainstream games I'm playing indie games, or something in between. My first console was whatever this is, followed by a Gameboy Color and N64.

My strength in game-making is pixel-art, though I'd really like to be versatile and get good at more types of art in the future, as well as making music or learning to program. Hopefully I can end up completing games people enjoy.

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My name is Rhys Simpson. I don't type much.


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I'm Duckaiser. Some people just call me Duck. No, that's not my real name. (for the record, Duckaiser is actually a combination of DUCK and ALKAISER. Alkaiser is the superhero transformation of Red in SaGa Frontier, which I thought was cool at the time. Probably coming from my upbringing of "henshin" shows like Sailor Moon and Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers!)

I had an interest in making games and levels when I was really little, drawing my own (often bad) levels for Mario, Mega Man, and Zelda games. I still have those old papers, and someday I hope to recreate them for real using Stencyl. I hadn't thought seriously about making games until RPG Maker came along, it was like nothing I'd ever experienced! My game was pretty random, massive in scope, and so totally not done. But it was fun! Going through the RPG Makers, I eventually came to XP, which changed everything, now I could finally start making silly fangames! Too bad I didn't finish anything. But it was from the RPG Maker XP board on GameFAQs that I first heard of Stencyl way back when, and I've been part of the community ever since! I believe I first registered on July 4th, 2007!

Some of my favorite games are Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Tales of Symphonia, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Metroid Prime, and Final Fantasy VIII. But I like a lot of games! I get inspiration from many, even though I don't always realize it. As a matter of fact, my current Stencyl project is actually partially inspired by one of the beams and visors from Metroid Prime 2!

I think I have too many interests sometimes, it is perhaps one of my greatest strengths and weaknesses at the same time. I can enjoy many different things, for instance I like cute things like puppies and flowers but I also like big scary dragons and giant robots...and most things in between. Once I watched Kim Possible and Fullmetal Alchemist back to back, which was admittedly a little weird. But that makes me lose focus, and regret some decisions. I love variety, but sometimes it gets in my way. Like when trying to make an RPG cast, I think of so many kinds of characters I'd love to have, but a "Suikoden"-ish game with 60 or so playable characters is a bit of an undertaking. It's also one reason I haven't completed a Stencyl game, too many different ideas that all seem interesting!

Outside of video games, I love to draw (not just stuff for video games) and practice Karate. Been training about half my life.


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Hy, My name is Brandon and I have been programming for about 3-4 years. I discovered stencyl about a year or 2 ago. But i have not been serious about it till now. I love programming, whether it be game programming, application programming, or Website design. Sadly, I am not the greatest artist, But I am trying to get better. I live in the Ashville, North Carolina Area and have been living here for about 8 years. I have been drawn to game design mostly because I love creating things. Before stencyl I programmed with Adobe Flash Professional (actionscript), a little bit of Visual Basic, and yes, I have used Scratch (by MIT). Lately I have been playing around with Adobe After Effects. Thats mostly it.
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Hi, I'm Andrew and I've been in and out of the Stencyl world a few times - real life has always conspired to pull me away from fun and back to my work as a web developer.

My favorite games are ones like Fire Emblem, Torchlight, Puzzle Quest, and any JRPG you can toss my way. I've never been able to finish an RPG, but persistence should pay off someday.

I hope to be more than just an occasional contributor to the community, as I have a huge interest in indie games and building web stuff. I look forward to getting to know everyone here and make some awesome games!