Anyone Need RPG Sprites?


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Need quality sprites for an RPG game your working on? Look no further!

Attached are:
  • 2 bases (male & female)
  • 358 hairtypes/recolours
  • 85 types of headgear
  • 177 outfits
  • 30 faces (facial hair, expressions etc)
  • 37 gear (wings, armor etc)

If your not feeling the bases, you can always use gameguy's from the forge.

Hope this helps someone!


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Wow, only downloaded one time, this is a really good set, did you make it? What about weapons? Any plans for that? :)


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I'm afraid I cannot take credit for these, a small handful are but they are only edits. There was a program I had that these came with but I can't for the life of me find it again.. :( As for weapons, I suppose I could attempt to add some but I'm constantly busy so as soon as I get a chance.  ;) No promises though.


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Sweet! I was in need of something like this for my game. Thank you so much for at least posting it even though you didn't create most of them.


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Your welcome! :) I know they are free to use without credit so as far as people are concerned, you make NPC's with these, you get the credit. ;)


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thx! i need it so much


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Thank you so much i am so glad i was just browsing these forums because i have been looking for a non-naked sprite for some time now and I actually was using armour for the frontal view for each direction the actor is looking at lol. Bless you mate
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