Stencyl crashes everytime I try to download a resource pack [b401]

I've been trying to download the Platform Movement resource pack, and a few others, but every time I click the download button, Stencyl just locks up, so I wait for a while, nothing happens, and I have to close Stencyl from the task manager, which still says Running, rather than Not Responding, and when I close, the confirmation dialog says it is waiting for a response from me.

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Welcome to Stencyl!  if you can click debug > generate logs and post them here, we can look at them to better determine the solution and problem. Thanks!
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Here's the log file.  For some reason, the resource pack seems to download properly when I'm working on another game, but not with the one I'm working on right now.


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If the game isn't too secret to post up, could you ZIP up the game also post it here? Games are located inside the games/ subdirectory.

The semi-good news is that 2 other users appear to be hitting the same issue.,,1027.0.html

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Replace your sw.jar and let me know if this helps.

While I was unable to reproduce the problem (it seems OS specific), I sort of know what may be causing it.,1131.0.html

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It worked!  Thanks!