Stencyl good for Point and Clicks?


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Howdy everybody! I came across Stencyl (via Newgrounds) recently, so I got the crash course and I've been chugging along through the -pedia. I'm an artist and animator, so I never thought I could singlehandedly put a game together without the ability to code worth a damn. The options seem endless when it comes to these cool compact action and puzzle games.

I'm setting out to create a point and click adventure game and I'm not sure Stencyl would be the easiest option. I'm pretty sharp with Flash, just not Actionscript or Flashdevelop (yet). Actionscript 3.0 has me by the nuts, so when I came across Stencyl I wondered if my there were some limits that I was not aware of. Soo would Stencyl work well with:

-Larger res (1200x800ish stage) illustrations of characters and backgrounds?
-Importing vectorized movie clips from Flash or other non-vector video?
-The absence of physics, controlled/colliding actors, and the other features that seem prominent in most other Stencyl games?

The Actionscript coding required to make a complex point and click seems doable, I'm just nowhere near there yet. I'm also guessing that I would have to settle for a much smaller stage (and artwork/animations) if I ever wanted to develop for mobile devices. Any insight into this project idea would be most appreciated!


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1. I think that'll work.
2. Everything has to be non-vector. Stencyl can play video though.
3. If you mean what I think you mean, than yes. Stencly can easily handle objects that have no physics and movement of characters, etc. can be also done via pre-defined paths instead of with physics, etc.

So yes, I think point and click could work with Stencyl.


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I've only seen one point and click adventure done with Stencyl so far, but this one looks great:


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Some game portals have size limits, and if nothing else, you don't want players stuck in the preloader forever. Many large images could really add up the game size quickly. But that's true of any flash game that doesnt use vectors.
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I'm not really making a point-and-click adventure game, but my game is pointing and clicking. It works well, but no file sizes are huge and the graphics aren't that detailed.