Searching, for artist to collab with (will share revenue)

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Good evening I am searching for an artist to collab with for the New Grounds competition/Robot day 2012 competition, I already have the basic idea, and will program the game( meaning modify or create any behaviors required to complete the game), and compose the music, I already have the basic design for the main character, but it needs a lot of work before I would say it is complete, and need various backgrounds, and other sprites, if interested please leave a post, or pm me, I would prefer if you also left a sample of your work, I will complete the details of the plot of the game, and the sprites I will need if you decide to work with me, thank you for reading, if you have any other questions feel free to ask, regardless of whether or not we win revenue will be split.

Edit: Also after the sprites are complete I will be the one doing the animation, with photoshop.

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I am an illustrator, I am also looking for a programmer? would be willing to do art if you would be willing to help program a game for me? I want it to be on FB and want to do it in stages. We could work on both projects together if you might be interested in that?