The Incredible Unicorn VS The Third Reich


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This is a quite simple sidescrolling shooter. You are a Unicorn und kill all those Nazis with your Rainbows. This is not just my first stencyl or flash-game, its even my very first game at all.

All the Art and Music is by me. Except the soundeffects wich are generated by Bfxr.

Id love to know what all you pros over here think about it. Im pretty pleased with the outcome.


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My concerns:

1- Instead of key press, be able to fire while the key is down. It's bothersome to keep pressing the key all the time.

2- I think the Unicorn as a collision box a tad too big for a shooter. It gets hard to move when there are too many enemies near you.

3- Perhaps, and that might be just me, you could indicate the current health and maximum health of the Unicorn. I was thinking it was a one-hit kill at first.

Otherwise it's very good for your first game! Keep up the good work!
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Thank you.

I think youre right, espacially about the key pressing. I already had concerns about it. But in the end I thought it could get boring if there is nothing to press. Because you simply would hold the key down all the time. Which might still be better than hammering on it all the time. :D


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You could make it so that the unicorn gets tired after a few seconds and has to "recharge" his powers, if you dont want folks to just sit there and hold the key down. Could add some bit of strategy to the game.


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This is an awesome idea. Thanks. Im defnetly going to to do this although im not sure how to make it. But I will figure it out somehow. If not you will see me in the Ask A Question Board.  ;D


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I like the visuals you've got there, and the concept is pretty neat. However I think the mechanics as they stand are a bit unclear. As far as I can tell you've got limited ammo/ 'clip size' and need to reload every so often. But this can only be done when you've used up all of your current ammo, meaning you are sometimes caught short if you've not reloaded recently enough. Also though I've no problem with the unicorn itself, it is unclear where it's hit region should be. Presumably this would be around it's legs due to the perspective choice, but it's not obvious just by looking. I would also suggest making the enemy bullets slower as it's hard to judge if you're going to get hit or not when trying to position yourself.

I also noticed some sorting issues related to the unicorn being drawn underneath soldiers who were clearly supposed to be further in the background.

Anyways it's a cool concept and like I said before I think the art is really nice, and there's some good special effects in there. Also the music is good. Just think the main gameplay mechanics could do with tightening up and explaining a bit more clearly. Regardless this is certainly good for a first release.
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Thanks a lot for the constructive creticism. Im actally still working on the shooting mechanics but I have a few problems with it right now as you can read in my Ask a crestion thread.