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I designed and drew my own original character. It was fun and took a lot of time and effort to make all of the animations for it and to make it really flow and such for the game I'm hoping on creating. After much difficulties I FINALLY got him to be able to actually walk in the game (something that is supposed to be easy). Now he doesn't want to jump! In fact, I can't even make the walking or turning animations work without my character spazzing out and bouncing up above the tiles without commanding it! Any help would be amazing!

What I have done:

- Looked through Stencylpedia
- Gone over and completed the Crash Course
- Filled out Behaviors for both Walking and Jumping
- Saved Behaviors
- Removed the Walking Animations and replaced ALL animations with the Idle Right image (allows my character to move from left to right... but no jumping)
-Tried a wide variation of Behavior combos to see if they'll work together.


-I'm new... so detail would be nice. In fact... pretend I'm a toddler if that helps! Hah!


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Make sure your animations and especially the collision shapes are the same or similar sizes.  Also make sure your origin points for all animations are set to center (sometimes they change when editing images).