Why is the frame rate of my game so low?


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Does having a scene that is very large effect something like this?


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There might be a number of factors - the most common being a lot of actors with 'always' or 'do every x seconds' blocks.  It also depends on your computer speed.

I have a *really old* computer, and I find that when I run games in debug mode they choak, but if I export them as .swf and run them in a web browser (chrome usually) they work just fine.

Thankfully, I'll be able to upgrade my equipment with my business startup money next week so it should no longer be an issue for me.

As for helping you, unless I know more about your scene and your computer I cannot advise any further.
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For the record, I was really freaked out when testing Corebound 1.1 because the modifications I made to the engine caused levels 5 and 6 to chug. Funnily enough, the game didn't have any framerate problems when I ran it in a browser.

So, likely causes:

1. You have too many actors on screen at once.

2. You have lots of code executing every frame.

3. You have some error triggering in the background that Stencyl is catching but doesn't cause the player to halt and throw up an error message. If your frame rate is really low - like 5-10 FPS - press tilde (~) and see what the debug console says.
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i have problem on that and it does not solved until now , did any one know to solve like this error ??