Need help creating custom Scene Behavior for collecting objects


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Hey Everyone :)

I'm pretty early into developing an iPad game and I have one large issue and a smaller one hopefully someone can help me figure this out...

Basically here's my problem, my game requires the collection of 3 "items" my character currently touches them and they die and you here a little sound showing you "collected" them, but in reality they are just dieing. What I would like to do is have it so once I collect 3 of the those "items" on the scene a block or object is destroyed leading to the level exit. I imagine this has to be a scene behavior but im not sure. So to some it up I need a way to track 3 collected items/pickups (actors placed on scene) and then once those items are all touched/collected trigger a block or object to die. I'm sure this can't be too difficult just new to this engine, any help is most appreciated! Thanks!

Also: Smaller issue... I have my iPad game in Landscape with auto-rotate turned off (due to gameplay reasons) but my game is starting upside down relative to where it is, anyway to flip the game in settings? Also I did search for this found a similar problem but not for the same issue im encountering.

Thanks if you guys can help!